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Roberta Rosenthal is an award winning internationally published, exhibited and collected artist. Her paintings span the genres of fine art, illustration and graphic design.


After attending the distinguished High School of Art and Design with two diplomas one for academics and the other in vocational art in NYC she graduated with a degree in textile design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Roberta began her career designing products for Macy's Executive in Training Program. She worked for textile corporations including Leo Art Studio. On vacations she traveled the world painting on location. In 1977 Roberta founded RSR Designs NY in Manhattan. The studio’s projects encompassed a huge range, from textile and packaging design to publishing to philatelics. She is known for a series of botanical postage stamp illustrations for the Republic of Palau and the Marshall Islands, Jewish New Years greeting cards and illustrations for gardening books, Glory of the Garden, Horticulture and Fine Gardening and United Nations  magazines and illustrations for the gardening section illustrations in the  New York Times.


As a fine artist, Roberta’s specialty is botanicals which she explores in a variety of styles and media. From watercolors in the European tradition of Redouté to colored pencil and oils to Asian sumi-e ink brush techniques, Roberta is a master of many forms. Her work includes landscapes, natural science, wildlife and abstract exploration. Exhibitions include: NY State Museum Albany Asia Society Museum Karples Museum Library  Sullivan County Museum SUNY Orange Connecticut State College Fashion Institute of Technology NY  New York Botanical Garden Society of Illustrators NY any many others.


For over 40 years Roberta shared her expertise with hundreds of students as an instructor in both Botanical Art and Business Practices for Artists at the famed New York Botanical Garden and more recently locally at Wallkill River Center for the Arts School and Gallery, Desmond Campus of Mount Saint Mary College, Wurtsboro Art Alliance, Catskill Art Society, Ellenville Museum Library and Pine Bush Library. She currently teaches privately at her studio by appointment only.


Recently, Roberta has expanded her repertoire into the highly specialized and personal field of Ketubahs, Jewish wedding contracts.  Original botanicals, landscapes and multilingual calligraphy are combined into unique, museum quality family heirlooms for all faiths. Please CLICK on the Ketubah page.

Her art is exhibited internationally, collected by individuals and corporations. Roberta continues to travel finding unusual botanical specimens to paint or landscapes that she captures in plein air or sketches for future studio work.


Her current home studio, Squirrel's Nest, is located on top of Shawanga Mountain in Sullivan County, New York with a view of the Hudson Valley. 

Roberta celebrating her Birthday solo exhibit at New Windsor Gallery. The cake is a replica of her painting, May.

Papavar and wild rose.

Watercolor. Original sold.

Giclee prints available.

Artist Statement


My inspiration comes from the natural world observed directly though my senses, the breath of the body, and from above through meditation, the breath of the spirit. Each season I interpret nature to renew my inner self. I work primarily in pencil, watercolor pencil, watercolor and gouache also acrylic, oils, pastel and ink. The substrate may be archival watercolor paper, silk paper, vellum, canvas or gesso art board.


For traditional Western style projects my process may involve research, photography and a period of meditation.  For detailed botanical paintings, rough pencil sketches come first then a precise pencil outline drawing with the design concept and color roughs sometimes worked out on the computer. Then I will do a color rough using the chosen media. In the final rendering whether for fine art or illustration my watchword is precision.


When working in sumi-e or Asian brush technique the work is more spontaneous. The final art is a yoga exercise as the brush and paint flow with my breath and motion. I use handmade French and Chinese Kolinsky red sable brushes. The process of painting is like watching a plant grow and blossom over time. I keep my eye on the center of my subject and watch the small details grow from there.


Some of my work is entirely abstract. These paintings come from a deep pool that reflects my emotions tempered by music, environment and the scent of the moment


It is important to me that many people enjoy my art in some form of reproduction as well as the original painting. The original art is for sale as well as archival giclee prints.



Watercolor & ink on rice paper SOLD



2018        Solo Exhibition Brush Paintings and Calligraphy, MSMC Gallery, Balmville, NY May-June

2018        Solo Exhibition Botanical Art, Teatown Lake Reservation Gallery, Ossining NY May-June

2017        Solo Exhibition of Year of The Rooster Asian Art, Tasty Eats, Middletown NY Jan 2 - Feb 11

2016        Solo Exhibition of Botanical Watercolors, Ellenville Link Museum Gallery, Sept 6 - Oct 31

2015        Solo Exhibition of Botanical Watercolors, Palate Cafe, Wurtsboro, NY June - August

2014        Two Person Exhibition Wurtsboro Art Alliance Gallery, Wurtsboro NY, Sept. 6 – 28

2014        Two Person Exhibition Pine Bush Area Art Council Gallery, Pine Bush, NY, Aug 22-31

2013        Solo Exhibition ArtsWave Gallery, Ellenville, NY August

2012        Solo Exhibition Botanical and Landscape Prints, Village Luncheonette, Montgomery, NY

2011        Solo Exhibition Glen Arden Reception Gallery, June, Goshen, NY

2010        Solo Exhibition Ellenville Regional Hospital Healing Gallery August 18– October 8,

2009        Solo Exhibition John Yoo Gallery, New Windsor, NY October 18- November 30

2009        Solo Exhibition Aroma Thyme Bistro, Ellenville, NY Second Time Around, August

2009        Two Person, Visual Comparison of Botanical Art SUNY OCCC, Middletown NY, July

2007        Solo Exhibition Karpeles Manuscript Library and Museum, Newburgh, NY      

2007        Solo Exhibition Aroma Thyme Bistro, Ellenville, NY

2006        Solo Exhibition Terwilliger House Museum, Ellenville Library, NY Dec – Jan.

2007        Solo Exhibition Barnes & Noble, Newburgh, NY

2004        Two- Person Exhibit "Flowers and Landscapes", Roberta Rosenthal, painter and                                     Greg Miller photographer, Beck Gallery, Sullivan County Museum

2003        Solo Exhibition Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration, NY

1997        Solo Exhibition Riverdale YM-YWHA, New York

1989        Solo Exhibition Horticultural Society of New York




2024        The Otisville-Mt. Hope Presbyterian Church 2004 Spring Art Exhibition Apr 12-16

2024        Wallkill River Center for the Arts Fiber Exhibition and Instructors Exhibition Jan- Mar,

2024        North East Watercolor Society, Member Exhibition, Orange Hall Gallery, Middletown, NY                        Jan 18-Mar 15, Reception: Feb. 3

2023        North East Watercolor Society, 47th International Juried Exhibition, Kent CT to Oct.29,

                Jack Richeson & Co Award II 

2023        Shawangunk Garden Club, Art in the Garden Exhibit, Ellenville Museum Link Library, 11/1/

2023        Wallkill River Center for the Arts, Hallway Exhibit, Floral, 9/22/23-10/15

2022-23   Wallkill River School Gallery, Drapery, Juried, Nov 11, 2022 - Jan 22

2022        Wallkill River School Gallery, Realism: An Academic Approach Sept 2 - Oct 9

2022        Wallkill River School Gallery, Water to Earth Exhibit May 6-June 25

2021        Wallkill River School Gallery, Watercolor Exhibit, Honorable Mention Award, 

2018-19    Instructors Exhibit at MSMC Desmond Campus, Balmville, NY Dec-Jan

2018        Wallkill River School Gallery, Floral Exhibit Juror, Montgomery, NY May 

2017        Town of Mamakating Town Hall Gallery, Wurtsboro, NY Dec - Feb

2017        Crawford Arts Holiday Exhibit, Pine Bush, NY 

2017        Mamakating Nature Education Center, Basha Kill Wurtsboro, NY

2017        Art Instructors Holiday Art Exhibit, Mount Saint Mary College Desmond Campus Dec-Feb

2017        Wallkill River Gallery, Watercolor Flowers, Montgomery, NY

2015        Catskill Art Society Gallery, Student and Instructor Exhibit. Livingston Manor, NY

2015        Fans, Dream Rose Gallery, Monroe, NY

2014-15   Crawford Gallery of Fine Art, Pine Bush, NY

2015        Wurtsboro Art Alliance juried exhibitions and representation

2014        Wurtsboro Art Alliance juried exhibitions

2013        Wurtsboro Art Alliance juried exhibitions

2012        Wurtsboro Art Alliance juried exhibitions

2012        Art and Design High Schoo Alumni Exhibit, NYC, NY

2011        WAA Gallery, Wurtsboro, NY,“Fields and Streams”,  All Exhibits First Place Award,

                Juried by  Linda Richichi, 

2010        Wurtsboro Art Alliance Gallery Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Exhibits, Wurtsboro, NY

2010        Catskill Artist Gallery, Liberty, NY “Baker’s Dozen”

2010        New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, E. 14th St. NYC Shelly and Steven Einhorn Gallery

2010        Wurtsboro Art Alliance at Ellenville Library Link Museum Gallery

2009        Mount Saint Mary College Artists on Campus Exhibit, Award for Best Painting in Show

2009        Botanical Art Exhibit, Rye Arts Center, New York Botanical Garden Instructors &  Students     2009        Wallkill River School Artists in the Garden, SUNY OCCC

2009        Wurtsboro Art Alliance Humble Nature, Curator and Juried Sumi-e Paintings

2009        Wurtsboro Art Alliance Exhibition at Ellenville Library Link

2008        NYBG Nature in New York, Open Center, NYC

2008        Art in the Garden Orange County Community College, Middletown, NY

2008        Cornwall Art in the Park

2008        WAA Fall and Holiday Show, Wurtsboro, NY

2008        WAA Show at Ellenville Library,

2008        Wurtsboro Art Alliance Winter, spring and Summer Art Exhibitions, Wurtsboro NY

2007        Red Eft Gallery, Holiday Exhibition, Wurtsboro, NY

2007        Red Eft Gallery, Curator and Exhibitor, Grand Opening Exhibition, Wurtsboro, NY

2007        Red Eft Gallery, Curator Absolutely Fabrics, Wurtsboro, NY

2007        “Inspired by Nature” New York Botanical Garden Instructors, Gallery Yellow,  Cross River, NY

2006        Wurtsboro Art Alliance Fall Exhibition and Sale

2006        "Asian Infusions", A. G. Edwards, Roberta Rosenthal, Anne C. Lantelme, Linda Hubbard,        2006        Catskill Art Expo - Catskill Art Society, Hurleyville, NY 

2005        Riverwinds Gallery, Holiday Art Exhibit, Beacon, NY

2005        Visions of Nature Art Show, Sponsored by the Native Plant Center

                Westchester Community College Gallery, Valhalla, NY

2005        Instructor Exhibition, Sullivan County Museum, Catskill Art Society, NY

2004        "Garden & Flower Show", The Star Gallery, Middletown, NY

2004        GNSI Highstead Arboretum Exhibition, May - June, Redding, CT

2004        " Wine and Food", The Star Gallery, Middletown, NY

2003        GNSI Annual Exhibition, Virginia Living Museum, Newport News, VA

2003        "Holiday Show", The Blue Victorian, Jeffersonville, NY

2003        “OUR OWN SHOW”, Society of Illustrators, New York


2003        " WOMEN ARTISTS OF THE CATSKILLS, Beck Gallery, Sullivan County Museum, juried and                  curated by, Cortland Jessup. Sponsored by the Catskill Art Society, NY

2003        "Spring Paintings", (Star Gallery, Middletown, NY)

2003        "Studies In Watercolors", (Westchester Gallery, White Plains, New York  

2002        "It's A Small World", (Star Gallery, Middletown, NY) 

2002        “Our Own Show”, (Society of Illustrators, New York)

2002        “Fall For Art”, Juried Show (Wiltwyck Golf Club, Kingston New York)

2002        “Catskill Art Society”, (Sullivan County Museum, New York)

2002        “I Love the Hudson Valley”, (Star Gallery, Middletown, New York)

2001        “Catskill Art Society”, (Sullivan County Museum, New York)

2001        “Invitational”, (Catskill Mountain Gallery, Hunter, New York)

1999        “Our Own Show”, (Society of Illustrators, New York)

1999        “Invitational”, (Catskill Mountain Gallery, Hunter, New York)

1998        “Invitational”, (Garden Education Center, Greenwich, Connecticut)

1997        “Instructor's Exhibit”, (New York Botanical Garden, New York)

1997        “Guild of Natural Science Illustrators”, (Beth Abraham Gallery, New York)

1996        “Guild of Natural Science Illustrators”, (Beth Abraham Gallery, New York)

1996        “Guild of Natural Science Illustrators”, (Bartlett Arboretum, Connecticut)

1995        “Horticultural Society of New York”, (New York Flower Show)

1991        “Natural History Conference Exhibit”, (N.Y. State Museum, Albany, New York)

1990        “Invitational”, (Black Rose Gallery, Bronx, New York)

1984        “Invitational Show”, (Central Connecticut State University, New York)

1984        “Chinese Painting Competition/Show”, (Asia Society, New York)

1983        “Invitational Alumni Show”, (H.S. of Art and Design, New York)

1982        “Botanical Sumi-e Exhibit”, (Koho Gallery, New York)

1981        “Botanical Sumi-e Valentine Show”, (Koho Gallery, New York)

1980        “Botanical Sumi-e Exhibit”, (Koho Gallery, New York)

1980        “Invitational Alumni Exhibit”, (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York )



"Flying Leaf", watercolor, 12"x16"

View from Squirrel's Nest Studio.

Wallkill River 1 ink and watercolor on Hahnemuhle rice paper, 12' x 16", Sold.

Roberta putting final details into a 

painting with a magnifier and fine Kolinsky red sable brush.

Selected Commissions & Collections


Weston Nurseries Inc., MA

Inter-Governmental Philetelic Corporation, NY

Hunt Institute For Botanical Documentation Library, PA

New York Botanical Garden Library, NY

Horticulture Society of New York Library, NY

Artkraft Strauss Sign Corporation, NY

Artscroll Printing Corporation, NY

Mafcote Industries

Gryphon Corporation

Ms.Tama Starr, NY

Mr. & Mrs. R. & P. Dubren, NY

Mr. A. Kanter, FL

Ms J. Raices, NY

Mr. & Mrs. K. Rielly, NY

Mr. & Mrs. P. Kraveth, NY

Mr. & Mrs. M. Muyet, NY

Mr. & Mrs. B. Henry, NY

Mr. L. Rosenthal, WA

Mr. R. Brownstone, CA

Ms. L. Steinhardt, CA, FL

Dr. M. G. Tisch, NY

Mr. L. Lerner, CA

Mr. E. Lerner, CA

Mrs. L. Devore, NY

Dr. M. Devore, NY

Ms. Farley, NY

Ms. Woodruff, NJ

Ms. A. Azizzi, NY

Mr. T. Bulger, NY

Mr. L. Weinberg, NY

Ms. J. Micheals, NY

Dr. R. Ritch, NY

Ms. J. Rice, Seattle, WA

Mr. H. & Mrs. I. Rice, Dubai, UAE, TX

Mrs. E. Shumaker, VA

Mrs. L. L. Clarke, IL

Ms. N. Tilghman, NY

Mr. & Mrs. Frommer, NY

Mr. R. Grumet, NY

Mrs. H. Rhodes, NY

Mr. & Mrs. C. Slutsky, NY

Ms. I. Ramaci, NY

Mr. and Mrs. L. & R. Morin, OR

Mr. and Mrs. J Esposito, NY

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lang, NY

Mr. and Mrs. Gell-Prescott, MA

Mr. and Mrs. Wu-Wilcox, NY

Dr. D.S.Taubin, NY

Ms. D. Tuman, NY

Mr. and Mrs. M. & B Waisbrot, NY

Ms. N. Rappaport, NY

Mr. and Mrs. A. & H. Steinbook Gell, Portland, OR

Dr. Claudia Rosenzweig, NY

Mr. and Mrs. E & A Hart, NY

Mr. A. D, Fine, VT

Mr. and Mrs. A & C Comer, NC

Ms. Jeanne Smart, WA

Mr. L. Pedersen, WA

Ms. Michelle Lange, NY

Ms. LeeAnn Durning, NY

Mr. and Mrs. M and J Weltmans, NY

Ms. Catania, NY

Ms. J. Poptanich, NY

Ms. S. Mandelbaum Glatzer, FL

Mr. R. Beatty,NY

Mr. K. Anderson,FL

Mr. M. Lynch, NY

Ms. N. Anderson, FL

Mr. and Mrs Jimmy G, NY




Curriculum Vitae


Squirrels Nest Studio, Sumi-e, Botanical Drawing and Watercolor Painting 2001-Current

Private classes individual one on one. Classes and workshops beginners to advanced by request.

Mount Saint Mary College, Desmond Campus, Sumi-e Asian Brush Painting - 2008-10, 2018

Beginner and Intermediate Calligraphy - 2017 - 2019


New York Botanical Garden

Botanical Art Courses in drawing and painting and Professional Business Practices and Marketing Practical Aspects for Artists, Instructor, Continuing Adult Education Department.

Professional Practices and Marketing, Gouache Painting Techniques I and II - Decorative Botanical Design, Portfolio Review Intensive Workshop, Outdoor Sketching, Seasonal Painting highlights: poinsettias, corn, Japanese maple, poinsettias, Christmas cactus, peonies, roses, perennials. begonias, irises, gouache techniques for nature science subjects, and Portfolio and Project Development. Review of final projects for certificate students. 1987-2016

Ellenville Library, NY, Botanical Drawing and Watercolor October 2016


Wurtsboro Art Alliance Gallery, NY, Botanical Watercolor Pencil 2014-2017


Wallkill River School, Montgomery, NYBotanical, Landscape & Still life - . 2008-2009


Mid Atlantic Society of Botanical Artists, Botanical Art Workshop, Morristown,, NJ, 2008


Red Eft Gallery, Wurtsboro, NY, basic drawing, botanical drawing and watercolor classes, 2007


The Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY Botanical Painting courses .2003-2006


Catskill Art Society, Livingston Manor, NY. Botanical art and Sumi-e painting courses.2003-2006


Newburgh Jewish Community Center, Still life, Landscape and Sumi-e Courses, 2005-2007


Star Gallery, Middletown, NY 2001-2004


The Horticulture Society of NYC, NY Botanical drawing and painting courses.1990-1993



Rebecca’s Garden, Four Seasons To Grow On by Rebecca Koll, illustrated by Roberta Rosenthal,

Avon Books, New York, 1998. ISBN 0-380-97575-0


The Glory of the Garden, 1000 Wise Quotations, Edited by Kathleen Bronzert and Bruce Sherwin,

illustrated by Roberta Rosenthal, Avon Books, New York, 1993.  ISBN 0-380-76854-2


Eve’s Revenge, Saints, Sinners, and Stand-up Sister on the Ultimate Extinction of Men by Tama Starr, illustration research and cover illustration by Roberta Rosenthal, Harcourt Brace Publishing, New York, 1994. ISBN 0-15-100084-0 


The Natural Inferiority of Women, Outrageous Pronouncements by Misguided Males Compiled by Tama Starr, illustration research by Roberta Rosenthal, Poseidon Press, New York, 1991. ISBN 0-671-74431-3


The Business of Illustration by Steven Heller and Teresa Fernandes, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York, 1995.  Art featured on page 65. ISBN 0-8230-0545-3


Professional Business Practices and Marketing, by Roberta Rosenthal, RSR Designs Publications, New York, Workbook and text. 12th Edition, 2015


Sumi-e and Asian Brush Painting Workbook by Roberta Rosenthal, RSR Designs Publications, New York 2010, Workbook text and illustrations. Second Edition, 2012


Watercolor and Gouache Painting Techniques, by Roberta Rosenthal, RSR Designs

Publications, New York 2010, Workbook text and illustrations. Fifth Edition.


Shawangunk Garden Club Year book Cover illustration, 2015 edition


Art Emergency, written by Roberta Rosenthal

Delaware and Hudson Canvas, Bloomingburg, NY, Newspaper,  July, August, 2009 edition


Transporting Art, written by Roberta Rosenthal

Delaware and Hudson Canvas, Bloomingburg, NY, Newspaper September 2009 edition


The Business of Illustration, Science section, #7, page 65, Crocosmia Masonorum illustration by Roberta Rosenthal, by Steven Heller & Teresa Fernandes, Watson Guptill, 1995


Roberta Rosenthal, Designer, RSR Designs, NYC,

Close-up, Artists Market, Writers Digest Books, 1984, page 247, photo by Hilaire Duburcq


Computer Graphics for Graphic Artists, Illustrations and Textile Designers, by Roberta Rosenthal

Graphic Artists Guild Newsletter, NY, 1983


Corn, full color spot, illustration, National Gardening Magazine


Hostas, full color half page, illustration, Fine Gardening Magazine


Everlastings, full color full page, illustration, Fine Gardening Magazine


Crocosmia masonorum and Lychnis chalcedonica, full color 2 pages, Horticulture Magazine


Sage officinallis, full color back cover, Kitchen Gardening Magazine,


Vegetable Garden and Landscape, full cover, front cover, National Gardening Magazine


Garden and Plant spot illustrations, 1001 Home Idea Magazine


New York Times Gardening, numerous black and white illustrations 1983 - 1990


Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Asian wines, full color ½ page color illustration, 2007


Art Reviews and Publications

June 2015   D & H Canvas 

August 2013 Shawangunk Times, ArtsWave review

August 2010, Times Herald Record, Ellenville Regional Hospital Solo Exhibit

July, 2009,  D & H Canvas Flowers Bloom at SUNY Orange

July 21, 2009 Times Herald Record, by Barbara Bedell Arts and Flowers are blooming at SUNY Orange

July & July 24, 2007 Senior Gazette

July 20, 2007 Wallkill Valley News

2002 – 2008 D & H Canvas

June 27, 2004 Times Herald Record -

Arts Review by Joe Karr and Elizabeth Geyer

….. Roberta Rosenthal's watercolors of floral landscapes are the stars at the Star Gallery in Middletown in a show that is on display until July 31. Rosenthal's meticulous attention to detail and vivid color palette, coupled with a real sense of the wild growth of flowers in their natural state, creates a delightful escape for the senses. More than just decorative, these paintings are a contemplative experience of light, color and design...The gallery, spacious and airy, also offers many prints in assorted sizes.... custom framing services and a variety of classes and workshops in the arts by established local professional artists.


Select list of clients, companies and brands include:


Ameritex Fabrics                

Avon Products, Inc.

Bates Fabrics                     

Burlington Mills                

CHF Industries                   


Croscill Home Fashions       


Echo Design Group

Hollander Home Fashions

Jabara Table Linens 


Mebane Mills 

Rosenblatt Textiles

Stone Cline Fabrics

Town & Country Linens

VIP Fabrics

Wendy Gell Jewelry



Avon Products, Inc.            

Ben Kotyuk Design Group

Coty, Inc.                          

Kubla Crafts


Victoria’s Secret                 


Advertising and Promotion:

ArtKraft Strauss Sign Corporation                                          

AM/PM promotions

Metro Creative Services                                           




Weston Nurseries, Inc.         

Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Wurtboro Art Alliance         

Red Eft Gallery         


Editorial Publishing (Magazines):

1001 Home Ideas

Choices Magazine               

Fine Gardening

First Magazine                   

Horticulture Magazine          

Kitchen Garden Magazine

National Gardening             

Taunton Press


United Nations  l Publications                                     

Wine Enthusiast Magazine       


Publishing (Books & CD-ROMS):

Avon Books

Pocket Books                     

Harcourt Brace Publishing                                                    

Hearst Publishing   

Simon & Schuster


News Periodicals (Editorial Illustration & Reviews):

The New York Times          

The Riverdale Press                        

Art Times

Jewish Week                      

Westchester News               

The New York Post

Philatelic Monthly

Times Herald Record

Delaware and Hudson Canvas                    


Greeting Card/Stationary:

Tea Town Nature Preserve

ArtScroll Printing Corporation

Caspari, Inc                                   

Portal Publications  

The Menu Shoppe                      




Mafcote Industries               

Kubla Crafts

Svend Jensen                             


Philatelic:  Stamps individual and full sheet, first day covers, presentations.1984-1998

Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation       

Republic of Palau                

Republic of the Marshall Islands   

Republic of Liberia


Representation of Artists: 1984 - 1986

Hilaire Duburcq

Diana Bryan

John Kneapler and Jim Dougherty



North East Watercolor Society, 47th International Exhibit, Jack Richesen Award II 2023

Wallkill River School, Juried Watercolor Exhibit, Honorable Mention Award, 2022

Wurtsboro Art Alliance Juried Exhibit First Place Award “Fields and Streams” - 2011

Oriental Art Supplies Summer Challenge First and Second Place Award Master/Instructor- 2010

Mount Saint Mary College, Artists Campus Exhibition, Bethlehem Gallery Award  Best Painting 2009

Mona Lisa Web site award - 2003

Grant: Bronx Council of the Arts -1998

Asia Society. Exhibit of Asian Art, Honorable Mention 1985

Women in Design, Honor Award for Portfolio Review 1983



Society of Illustrators

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

American Society of Botanical Artists

Catskill Art Society, Member of the Executive Board

Fashion Institute of Technology Alumni Association

High School of Art & Design Alumni Association

American Women’s Economic Development Association

Oriental Brush Artists Guild Society

Wallkill River School Gallery

Middletown Art Group

Wurtsboro Art Alliance

Orange County, NY Council on the Arts



SUNY Orange County Community College, Chinese Language certificates 2010-11

Certificate Course in speaking, reading and writing Mandarin,

Course 1 Beginner Certificate Winter 2011

Course 2 Intermediate. Certificate Spring 2011

Professor: Jinyu Yang


New York Botanical Garden, Botanical Art and Illustration Courses 1987 - 2012

Course work in Botany, Gardening and Botanical Illustration

Instructors include:

Kevin Nicolay

Anne Ophelia Dowden

Robin Jess

Carol Woodin

Ralph Snodsmith

Dick Rauh

Thomas Christopher

Art Students League, New York, Oil Painting still life, live model figures and portrait, landscape

Mr. Berenin and Mentored by Nathaniel Kaz, 1969 - 1970

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York - Decorative Textile Design, AAS 1969

Home Fashion and Fine Art Majors

High School of Art & Design, New York, Fashion Illustration/Design/Advertising/Fine Art Major

Academic and Commercial Diplomas, 1967


Computer Studies:

Marketing your Artwork with Computers: Photo Shop, Illustrator and Quark - Instructor: Ilene Avery, GAG Workshops, June / November 2000 Private Instruction: Anita Lovitt, Blue Jar Productions, NY, Scanners, Zip drives, Photo Shop, Illustrator, 2000 - 2010, Instructor: Mark Brownstone, NY, Mac system and P.C. operation, software, August - December 1999-2010


Asian Brush Painting Studies:

Tibetan painting master class with Dogu Choegal Rimpoche 2001

Private Study in Oriental Painting techniques with Master Gou Liang Jui 1982 - 1984.

Koho School of Sumi-e, Instructor: Sensei Koho Yamamoto 1980 - 1982


Business Studies:

How to Represent Artists, Designers and Photographers with Elaine Sorel, New York - Full Semester Courses and Private Instruction, 1981


American Women’s Economic Development Corporation, New York, 1978-79

Business Management Training Course - Full Year Program-Graduate



Middletown Art Group, NY, Demonatration of watercolor and watercolor pencil March 2022, 2012

Pine Bush Artists and Library, NY, Demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops 2010- 2022


Glen Arden, Goshen, NY, Sumi-e Lecture, Women’s Breakfast Club, June 2010


Wurtsboro Art Alliance demonstration of Botanical Art at Gallery,  2008


Red Eft Gallery Lecture on exhibitions and art collecting, 2007


Sunshine Free Library, Eldred, NY Slide show and botanical art lecture January, 2004


Native Plant Center, Nature Art Exhibition, Lecture on Art Collecting September, 2003


Hudson Valley Artisans Guild, Poughkeepsie, New York, 2002 -2003


Jewish Community Center, New York Workshop Instructor / Business Seminar / Lecture Tarrytown “Miriam's Cup” Lecture, Presentation, Art Workshop, 1999


Riverdale YM-YWHA, New York, Lecture and Slide/Video Presentation

“Neot Kedumim Israeli Botanical Garden and Botanical Art”, Grant from Bronx Council on the Arts, 1998


New York Botanical Garden: Open House Presentations & Lectures, 1985-95


Parsons School of Design, New York Guest Art Career Lecture: Diana Bryan’s Illustration Class, 1984


Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

“The Young Professionals”: Career Growth Seminar, Sponsor Women in Design, 1984


“Portfolio Review and Art Career Seminar”, Textile Design Club Sponsor: Graphic Artists Guild, 1981- 1983


“Computer Graphics”, Seminar/Lecture, Sponsor: Graphic Artists Guild, Art Directors Club, New York, 1983

Written Article on Computer Graphics for newsletter and Board Members demonstration.


“Portfolio Review and Art Career Seminar, Sponsor: Graphic Artist Guild, 1983


“Art Career Day Seminar”, Central Connecticut State University, 1982-1984



President of Wurtsboro Art Alliance Gallery, Wurtsboro, NY 2008 - 2010

Founding member


Full Scholarship Study with the Dalai Lama, 3-day workshop, New York City, 

The Blade Wheel Transformation, initiated into Green Tara. Donation of painting, “Peacock”. September 2006


Kriya Yoga –  studied with Paramahamsa Hariharananda Giri, NYC, Washington, D.C., Homestead, FL. Full Scholarship Study, Initiated to samadi level. 1976 – 2006


Roberta Rosenthal’s botanical art has been featured on invitations for the Annual Luncheon of the Women’s Division American Committee to benefit Shaare Zedek’s Medical Center Women's and Children's Division in Jerusalem, Israel. Donation of original art for auction. She created Jewish New Years Cards printed by ArtScroll Printing Corporation for their benefit from 1995 - 2004


Roberta donated her art to Maimonides Medical Center for an auction on December 8, 2002, the Star Project, to benefit the new children's hospital. She created a mask entitled "Star Princess". 11/2002


National Jewish Outreach Program, Little Book of Chanukah Miracles.

Roberta was featured in a full article in the nationally distributed booklet. 1999 - 2002


Society of Illustrators, New York, Volunteer.

Painted artwork for the Children’s Cancer Playroom at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan featuring Passover and Chanukah themes. 1997 - 2002


Private Study of Torah and Hebrew Calligraphy Scripting with distinguished Askanazi and Sephardic sofers.


illumination and Calligraphy on Vellum Workshop, GNSI,NY, Karen Gorst, instructor, Portchester,NY 1993  


Jewish Community Center in Tarrytown, New York, Volunteer. Worked with Rabbi Emanual Vinas and a volunteer group to restore a Torah from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The Torah was damaged during Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Worked on the project from beginning to completion. 1998 -1999


Academy of Jewish Religion, New York. Full semester course in Jewish Meditation.

Instructors: Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Mindy Ribner and Rabbi Shefa Gold.

Instruction in Jewish meditation practices, including: Kabbalah, Zohar, chanting and personal spiritual exploration

including hebrew scribing on shiviti. 1999


Riverdale YW-YMHA, Bronx, New York, Instructor: Rabbi Richard Kirsch 

Jewish Personal Training Courses including Hebrew reading, writing, speaking, Jewish practices and meditation techniques. Preparation for Bat Mitzvah. Volunteer and designed a Jewish New Years Card to benefit the organization. Artist in-Residence, Exhibition, lecture and art instruction in watercolor. 1995 – 1999


Tibet House, New York 1983 - 84

Tibetan Language Study  - speaking, writing, calligraphy, spiritual meditation

Art Meditation with Dogu Choegyal Rimpoche 2001


The Graphic Artist Guild, New York. Served on the New York Board for two years. 1995 - 1996

Staff executive director of “Good Works” job placement service. 1980-83

Liaison to Points North, Westchester artist group. 1997-1999


Manhattan’s Community Board #5, New York, Appointed Volunteer by Mayor Dinkins. Served a three-year appointment on the Zoning and Variance and Parks committees. 1986 - 1989




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