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In 1980, Roberta began experimenting with Asian ink painting. She purchased a group of blank Chinese fans at a Chinese Trade Fair in New York City. Intuitively she created Asian inspired images and calligraphy. This led to a serious study of Asian brush painting and calligraphy. She attended the Koho School of Sumi-e with Sensei Koho Yamamoto. In 1982, Roberta met Chinese master Kou Liang Jui and continued her studies with him for several years.


Roberta's work was exhibited at the Asia Society Museum in NYC and awarded an Honorable Mention. Roberta continued practicing art with meditation with Tibetan artist, Dogu Choegal Rimpoche at a painting workshop at the Tibet Society Museum. Several years later Roberta met H.H. Dalai Lama for a 3 day meditation seminar. Her love for Asian calligraphy and art continues to grow. She studied Chinese language in 2010/11 from SUNY Orange Community College receiving two certificates.


In 2003 Roberta began teaching Sumi-e at the Catskill Art Society, JCC Newburgh, Mount Saint Mary College, GNSI North Carolina, Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, Elant Residence and privately at her studio. Asian art exhibitions include the Koho School of Sumi-e, Asia Society Museum, Karpeles Manuscript Museum and Library, Newburgh, NY, Wurtsboro Art Alliance, Red Eft Gallery, New Windsor Art & Frame Shop, NY and Elant Residence, Goshen, NY.



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