"Love is unconditional and no one

     should be excluded from that"

Taking orders for one of a kind hand painted and calligraphed individual designs for  2019 and beyond. Please allow 4 months minimum for an order. A limited number can be produced in a year. Made exclusively at my studio in New York, USA. 

About and Process

Ketubahs are vows and images that bind a couple together with a spiritual heritage. Almost like a prenuptial agreement. It is considered an integral part of traditional marriage. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of the bride and groom.


The art work is painted on a choice of hand made Asian silk scroll with silk paper or rice paper edged in silver brocade and bordered with jacquard silk. The ink is hand ground and pigments are watercolor, gouache, or hand ground pigments mixed with special additives for archival museum quality. Gold, silver or copper pigment embellishment is available. The calligraphy and images are painted with fine kolinsky sable brushes.The silk scrolls  rolled out with their own ribbon and wood hangers in a silk covered presentation box with red ribbon closure. it comes in 23.6"x 47.2" size. The scroll rolls up and fits into a box 3" x 3" x 30".


Traditional flat european art is done on hot press archival watercolor paper choice of Arches or Fabriano 300 lb 22" x 30". Hand Calligraphed with archival pigment pens with images/design in watercolor and gouache. 

These are not fill in prints. 

All ketubahs are discussed with the couple first and the text is confirmed with officiant or rabbi. Couples can discuss their particular interests or design elements. The artist will create a unique one of a kind museum quality heirloom work.

Art can be matted and framed at your own local framing shop. Suggestions can be made for the best archival framing process.


Brushstrokes of love are created one at a time. 

Prices: Dependent of complexity, texts, design elements, cost of materials, shipping, insurance and time. English, Hebrew and Chinese texts must be approved by officiants prior to beginning any work. 

Please call or email for a detailed quote and specific information.  

Ph:            617-784-6704


Traditional Examples

Silk Scroll Ketubah Examples

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