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Commissioned by ArtScroll Publishing Corporation, NY
Jewish New Year Cards for one time special personalized printing orders 
All rights reserved by artist. Original art available for purchase or exhibition.
shanah tova 1.jpg

Shana Tova Plants of Israel

Fig, Grape, Pink Rock Rose, White Squill, Saffron White Sand Lily, Pomegranate, Olive and Flax.


Tree of Life  

House of G-d with lights within the tree of life fruiting with all manner of fruits, birds and butterflies with heavenly light emanating down from above the clouds.


Breath of Shofar Shanah Tova

grapes,  apple growing around the open star of David with chrysanthemums. The original art was lost in the US Post by a Sephardic group in Brooklyn.  Reward for the return of the original. 


Open Apple Tree

Blossoms inside a clear sky inside with fruit. Outside there is a turbulent sky ever reminding of threats to the freedom of Israel. The roots of the seed below reminding of our ancestors.


Floral Star

Shanah Tova Embossed and Gold foil printing not  in original art. Almond, Pink Rock Rose, Fig, and Pomegranate. 


View of the Wailing Wall Jerusalem.

American Committee for Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. 


Lace Garden in artists private collection

Created for the YM-YMHA Riverdale, NY 


African Gerber and Rose

honeybear5764-300dpi copy.jpg

Honey Bear unframed


Din is a popular choice on business and tech sites. It's also a good font for creating page titles with impact.

Honey Bear.

Holiday Table

Shofar and tallis bag and siddur with honey apples and roses.

larg-con2003 copy.jpg

View of Jerusalem still life with holiday food

roses and hydrangea.


View of Jerusalem holiday table 

Poppy seed and sesame round challah


Plants of Israel 

Created for the YM-YWHA Riverdale NY

1997Original Art reprinted for  stamps for Liberia IGPC has the original art.


Concept for card unpublished 

Original art available.

Color pencil on black stock.


Book marks for the Jewish holidays. Originally published and printed with perforations for each book mark. Information on each holiday on the back. 

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